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Adventure park for everyone

Adventure park for everyone

In the very center of Slovenia lies the largest and the highest adventure park, which offers adventurers a very special walk in treetops from 1 to 25 meters high. They can choose from six courses, adjusted for children from 4 years on and adults. Additionally, they can spend the night in tree beds and get a genuine experience of Slovene forest night life.

You find us …

In the very center of Slovenia lies a small village called Slivna. Near the village is a forest owned by Kimovec family, which served as a playground for children from the village. And when they grew up, some decided to make a bigger playground and invite others as well. This was the beginning of Adventure park Geoss in 2011. At first they built four courses in treetops and named them by colours, yellow, green, blue and red. They were from 1 meter to 11 meters high and were adjusted for different users – from children of 4 years to adults. And every year since they added one more activity. The first one was huge zip-line, which is a little less than one kilometer long and offers adventurers amazing views and they can also reach a speed up to 60 km/h and are 20 meters above ground. Then came orange course, which offered a more difficult version of a walk among treetops. It also introduced some new exercises, among them the famous ”Tarzan”, which is actually a leap in the unknown and was at that time seen as one of the most challenging exercises in the whole park.

In the very center of Slovenia lies the largest and the highest adventure park, which offers adventurers a very special walk in treetops from 1 meter to 25 meters high.


Amidst the canopies

But that was not enough for the creators of this special place. They decided to add tree-beds to the park. But these are not your everyday tree houses, they are really just beds in treetops. So, when an adventurer decides to sleep in nature, they accept the challenge of “survival in the wild”. A tree-house cannot offer such experience, because it protects them from the wind and cold and takes away a view of the stars. A tree-bed on the other hand offers exactly that – an experience of sleeping in nature, covered only with a blanket and protected by a mosquito net. They are high above ground, so that wild animals cannot reach them, but they still have a privilege of observing the stars before closing your eyes, feeling the wind on their cheek, just before they cover themselves with a blanket. After you pull up a ladder or rope, it is just them and the person next to them in a perfectly romantic natural environment. Morning sun will shine directly into their bed and wake them up with its warmth, if the birds won’t wake them up even before that with their singing. Therefore, staying in the canopy is not only sleeping in a tree, but a real survival in the wild. Food and security will be provided, but since we are not used to living in nature anymore, a night in treetops can still be a big challenge for some … But one worth taking, because it really is a unique experience. Which from summer 2017 on can even be topped with the golden course. The course is set 25 meters high in treetops and offers additional exercises, including some new tricks.

Every visitor of Adventure Park Geoss will find something fun to do … climbing trees, walking around the area, visit cultural and historical sights or just sitting on the meadows, listening to nature and resting in the pleasant shade. You can also plan a picnic with friends or a birthday celebration in the area specially prepared for these kinds of special events.

Adventurers will always be kindly accepted by trained instructors who will care for their safety. At first, adults and children will learn the rules of climbing the trees and rules of behavior in the park, then they will be constantly monitored and assisted in need. They will also be protected by the equipment by Petzl, Singing rock and Climbing Technology. Park is built in accordance with the EU standard EN 15661-1 and as such provides a 100% safety for all visitors.

Let’s meet in treetops in the largest and the highest adventure park in Slovenia!

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