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Maribor-Pohorje – destination of sports, recreation and excercising in nature

Maribor-Pohorje – destination of sports, recreation and excercising in nature

The tourist destination Maribor-Pohorje offers unique opportunities for sports activities, recreation and exercising in nature. Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, but at the same time it is nicely small and offers quick trips:
• into the forests of green Pohorje,
• to picturesque wine growing hills with wonderful views,
• along or on the river Drava,
• to the green oases of city parks and
• to modern sports facilities.

The richness of the urban and rural nature offers many opportunities for hiking, cycling, riding, adrenaline, ski and other sporting feats, complemented by exceptional cultural, ethnological, wine, culinary and Wellness experiences! Likewise the destination Maribor – Pohorje offers numerous specialized bike and hiking lodgings. Already now an attractive destination for cyclists and hikers it is still developing intensively.

And the view during the ascent! There wasn’t a single track in the snow, just the occasional print of a rabbit’s paw.

The tourist destination Maribor-Pohorje is heaven for lovers of cycling, as it offers an extensive network of cycling routes – from easy to demanding, from flat to mountains, from sporting to family … something for everyone!
Cycling is possible:
• along the river Drava,
• over wine growing hills and Kozjak,
• along the forest paths of Pohorje,
• on cycling polygons,
• through the city of Maribor and
• all the way to Pomurje, Koroška and on into Austria.

Drava Cycling Route: According to its natural beauty and cultural diversity the Drava cycling route is one of the most beautiful routes in Europe. Let the river Drava along with your cycling pleasures and exertion accompany you most of the way from its source in Italy, across Austrian Carinthia and to the Slovene towns of Dravograd, Maribor, Ptuj and Ormož. Length: 150 km. Duration: 3-5 days / 3-5 stages.

Pohorje Cycling Route: Take a bicycle and discover unspoilt nature and Pohorje’s heritage, from St. Bolfenk on the Maribor side to the slopes of Kremžerjev vrh on the Koroška side of Pohorje! On the way there are a number of connecting local cycling routes and forest roads leading from all larger centres around Pohorje. Length: 75 km. Duration: 1-2 days / 1-2 stages.

The tourist destination Maribor-Pohorje attracts lovers of hiking and relaxation in nature with:
• the vastness of green Pohorje, which hides natural pearls such as Pohorje’s primeval forest, the Lovrenško, Črno and Ribniško peat moors with lakes, the mighty waterfalls Veliki and Mali Šumik, the clear Lobnica stream etc. and
• picturesque wine growing hills and kilometres of wine roads, along which it is possible to enjoy exceptional views and homemade culinary at numerous wine shops and tourist farms.
The tourist destination Maribor-Pohorje impresses with its natural and cultural heritage, the hospitality of its locals, and memorable culinary delights in friendly lodges. For the curious and those eager to know more, there are numerous (forest) trails to explore.
The pleasures of recreation, exercise and relaxation are also possible in the company of professionally trained guides.

Over Pohorje to Koroška: In the introductory part of Slovenian mountain route that leads across the expanse of Pohorje, over Uršlja gora and on towards the Savinjske Alps, you will be greeted by the most remarkable natural and cultural heritage. Length: 54 km. Duration: 2 days / 2 stages.

Route over Kozjak: The mountain route begins in Maribor, goes over the Kozjak plateau and leads all the way to Dravograd. On the way forests, streams, forest animals and lonely farms will keep you company; individual parts of the route are also suitable for one-day trips. Length: 50 km. Duration: 3 days / 3 stages.

Distance from other European and Slovene cities to Maribor:

Maribor – Budapest 492 km
Maribor – Vienna 255 km
Maribor – Belgrade 507 km
Maribor – Graz 68 km
Maribor – Munich 493 km
Maribor – Trieste 216 km
Maribor – Zagreb 113 km
Maribor – Ljubljana 122 km
Maribor – Koper 231 km
Maribor – Bled 159 km
Maribor – Murska Sobota 57 km
Maribor – Novo mesto 146 km

Nearest airports:

Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Graz (Austria),
Zagreb (Croatia)
Klagenfurt (Austria)


Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board;

 +386(0)2 234 66 11

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