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Soča valley – epicentre of outdoor inspirations

Soča valley – epicentre of outdoor inspirations

Residents of Posočje are accustomed to alternating national flags, being at a windswept location at the crossroads of major empires and Slavic, Latin and Germanic worlds. When visiting the Kluže fortress at the door to the Soča valley you can relive fateful moments from World War I with the help of enthusiasts of Society 1313. With this you can get to know how radically history has repeatedly toyed with this beautiful alpine valley. Key scenes are connected by the Path of Peace, a unique project in that it promotes a positive view and peace in the war.

At the same time, it is also the best experiential guide through one of Europe’s most beautiful alpine valleys. The path that winds from the Alps to the Adriatic along the Soča River connects the natural beauty of the alpine, subalpine and karst world in addition to the heritage of the Soča Front, all of which has mountains, cultural monuments, museums with private collections, tourist-information centres and many tourism suppliers.

Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin – are connected by the Soča river, one of the most pristine Alpine rivers that, with its beauty, creates a highly experiential diversity. Soča river is perfect for postcards and adrenaline water sports. The roots of rafting and kayaking in the 1980s were a revolution and considered to be one of the first organised forms of teambuilding in Slovenia and the wider region. The destination is safe, enjoyable and full of inspiration.

Access to the Soča Valley is good, despite the relatively poor local road connections, as in the immediate vicinity there are of the four airports: Ronchi (Aeroporto Trieste), Venice (Aeroporto Marco Polo) Ljubljana (Airport Brnik) and the airport in Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt Airport). There is also a more romantic way to get to the Soča Valley – the museum train to Most na Soči. A railway was built through Baška ravine, which due to its attractions – tunnels, bridges, views – is increasingly popular with tourists. A special attraction is the museum train (steam composition), but the car-train connection to Bohinj and Bled is most comfortable. Soča Valley is somewhat remote, so for a visit it requires a bit more logistics planning. However, the reward once there is so much bigger, because you find yourself in one of the European incentive epicentres that offers a complete infrastructure for adrenaline and active incentive programmes, from agencies to guide services and accompanying services, including all the necessary equipment for the most unusual desires.

Soča Valley has for many years been attracting guests interested in active holidays and adrenaline challenges. At the same time, they are seeking peace and contact with nature through other sport on Soča, such as fishing and hiking, as well as exploring the rich history. All of the spots in the Soča Valley can boast an exceptional natural heritage and a wide range of incentive stories: rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, mountaineering, fishing.


LTO Sotočje – TIC Tolmin
Petra Skalarja 4
SI 5220 Tolmin, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (0)5 38 00 480

LTO Sotočje – TIC Kobarid
Trg svobode 16
SI 5222 Kobarid
Tel: +386 (0)5 38 00 490
Tel: +386 (0)5 38 00 492

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