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Vipavska dolina. Active. All year round.


Vipavska dolina. Active. All year round.

Vipava Valley is crafted by sun and wind. Welcome to the valley of genuine experiences. Enjoy our hospitality, choose favourite outdoor activities, sample traditional culinary delights. Be active. All year round.

Many who’ve already visited the Vipava Valley are loving the variety of ways to be active here, practice recreational sports or even develop professional conditioning. Hiking, climbing, cycling, running, paragliding, caving, fishing, horse riding, you name it …We’ve got it all.
Beyond its wealth of options valley visitors appreciate the pristine vibe, kindness and surprising culinary treats. True you can engage in your preferred outdoor activity all over the globe but the Vipava Valley is one of a kind. Its rolling hills and vineyards, the peaceful locations and open people draw you into a unique world of unforgettable promise – all year round.


The colourful landscape of the Vipava Valley is truly a sight to behold. The valley with its undulating countryside steep crags and tall plateaus offers hiking trails of various difficulty all of which captivate with their vistas surprise with their landmarks and excite with possibilities for a cosy rest and great food. If special is what you’re looking for this is the place to see any season.

The Otlica Natural Window
This hike starting from the Pale Sports Park past the source of the Hubelj River above Ajdovščina and to the natural beauty of the Otlica Natural Window Otliško okno will take you on a tour of some of the best views of the Vipava Valley the Karst Plateau and the Adriatic Sea. The well-marked trail which winds its way along some very navigable terrain is a great choice for a family trip.

Trail along the Edge
One of the Vipava Valley’s most picturesque trails takes hikers along the edge of the Gora Plateau providing spectacular views of the Vipava Valley and beyond the Karst Plateau to the gulfs of Piran and Trieste. The relatively easy trail winds past rocky ridges and meadows that are brimming with flowers in the summer.

The most popular hiking trail in the Vipava Valley offers several difficulty levels for hikers of all experience levels. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro the summit provides you with breathtaking views of the Vipava Valley and the Adriatic Sea on one side, the Ljubljana basin on the other, and the majestic Julian Alps with Mount Triglav as their crown jewel.

Gradiška tura (via ferrata) Abram
Gradiška Tura rises to a height of 793 meters above sea level. Leading up to it is the most demanding but also the most exciting hike in the Vipava Valley. Due to its position facing the sun hikers can reach the summit all year round and the hike has a massive payoff in the spectacular views of the Vipava Valley. What you will get at the top Abram’s farm will serve you up some of the best local delicacies including the supremely popular goulash made with wild game from the forests around Otlica.

Unforgettable Cycling Adventures

Cyclists like to say that the Vipava Valley with all there is to see is best experienced on two wheels. Legendary road ascents and descents included in the famous Giro d’Italia as well as the thrilling inclines of the mountain trails offer challenges that are simply a must for any active cyclist. Naturally less demanding lanes also abound and even a casual ride around the Vipava Hills will not leave you indifferent, we promise. Any time of the year the Vipava Valley features a cycling trail worth taking.

Cycling for Challengers and Beginners Alike

The striking variety of cycling trails puts the Vipava Valley on the map of Slovenia’s top cycling destinations. If you’re looking for proper challenges this is the place to visit. The valley’s roads and mountainside single trails provide perfect inclines for serious tests of endurance. Lengths are easily customized since the local trails can be connected to those of the Kras region or even Italy. Thus the valley is a perfect base camp for longer cycling runs in several directions. Of course recreational and nature-loving cyclists can also enjoy easy trails here. By the rivers and the feet of the Vipava Hills novice and younger cyclists will find lovely trails tailored to their abilities and designed to be family-friendly. Sooner or later each of them brings its riders to the doorstep of a Vipava Valley tourist farm where tasty refreshments await.

Captivating Flights Above The Valley

Whoever has flown over the Vipava Valley is sure to return again and again. The valley and the sloping hills surrounding it form a true paradise for paragliders and hang-gliders while aircraft aficionados will find a warm welcome at the Ajdovščina sport airport. The Vipava Valley is even more beautiful from the air as when you rise above the well-beaten paths you will be taken aback by how close you are to the seaside the Alps and the Dolomites.

Be active. All year round.

The Valley Of Popular Climbing Sites

The steep walls surrounding the Vipava Valley and the gorges cut out by streams and rivers have provided some incredible rock faces that attract climbers from both far and wide. They are drawn to nature’s playground which offers the ideal routes for both practice and serious ascents. The mild climate even makes it possible to climb on warm faces during the winter while a shady rock face can be found to beat the summer heat. Once they reach the top climbers are rewarded with stunning views of the majestic Adriatic Sea and towering Alpine peaks.


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