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Top 8 Packing Tips For Traveling Light


Top 8 Packing Tips For Traveling Light

Are you on a budget and don’t know where to start cutting the expenses? What about checked in baggage? Do you actually need a big suitcase, that will be a nuisance whenever you change your location? What about traveling as light as it gets? Let us help you with these 8 packing tips.

The size matters

If you are limited to a hand baggage and will travel by plane, measure the bag while it’s full and compare it to airline baggage allowance and avoid additional fees. Yes, the wheels and the handles also count.

Save the space

If you are traveling for a shorter time, don’t take full size packages. You can save some space event with as trivial things as cotton pads. For a weekend trip, you do not need a full package of cotton pads.

Avoid big wrinkles

Wrinkled clothes can be partially avoided by, instead of folding, rolling the clothes around themselves or other items. Electronic devices that need protection can be used for the core of the clothing roll.

Fill the empty space

You can kill two birds with one stone, if you fill your shoes and bras with socks and panties. That way the shoes and bras retain their shape, while you fill in the empty nooks.

Make room for souvenirs

If you are not bothered by a washed-out look, take some of the worn-out clothing with you. Rock the style and squeeze the last breath of life out of them on your vacation. At the end of your traveling throw them away and use the space for a must-have sari you saw at the market or a true authentic cigar you need to share with your friends.


You can save a bit of weight with wearing the heaviest pieces of clothing, especially when it comes to shoes and jackets. If you are a book worm, we recommend you download electronic books and enjoy in the lightness of traveling.

Mandatory equipment

Fighting a cold, air-conditioned buses? Take a scarf. Need to cover the shoulders to enter the sacred monument? Use a scarf. Shivering in a flight over the Atlantic? Cover yourself with a scarf. In need of an emergency pillow? Fold a scarf. Another item you will be grateful for are ear plugs, either because of the loud environment or because of the snoring partner.

What to leave at home

Basic cosmetics like soaps and shampoos are always the one thing, you will find on every destination. That way you’ll also have a great opportunity to experience part of the local brands and traditions. What better than to travel around in a cloud of new enchanting scents?

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