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Guide to hiking in Slovenia

Guide to hiking in Slovenia

Hiking in the Alps is a great way of spending your holidays. It is very popular among all Slovenians and tourists. Much of the country is covered with mountains, forests and hills. In a country as small as Slovenia there are nearly 10,000 kilometres of waymarked walking routes that criss-cross the country, concentrated in the spectacular northern and western alpine regions.

Slovenia has some of the world’s best walks, hikes and treks, from famous mountain hiking areas such as the Julian Alps. To the north the Karavanke range forms a natural border with Austria. To the east, the Kamnik Alps sheer ridges mix with delightful meadows. East again are the Pohorje mountains. These areas all have mountain huts.

There is a huge range of walks to suit all tastes and energy levels. There are high refuges aplenty to stay in, so you can keep up in the highlands for some while, and there are delightful towns and villages down in the valleys to base yourself in. You will eat well and cheaply and don’t normally need to carry a sleeping bag.

Triglav tour

Triglav is by far mostly climbed high peak in Slovenia and wider. Last 108 years, on the summit proudly stands Aljazev Stolp. Triglav (2864m) is highest peak of Julian Alps and Slovenia. While climbing on Slovenia’s highest mountain you will pass Triglav lakes valley. The best season to climb it is from beginning of July (or when the snow melts) till the middle of October (or before the snow comes) but the best months are August and September. Most people allow two days for the trip, one day up and one down.

Lake Bohinj

Beautiful Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s largest, sits in a superb glacially gouged trough, beneath huge cliffs to its north and west end, and is an excellent walking base, with fine walks in every direction. From a tour of the lake and other lower-level saunters (including around the lake and to Slap Savica waterfall), to low peaks to high ridge traverses and summit assaults.


Pohorje is a mountain range of medium height in the northern part of Slovenia. The highest peak of Pohorje is called Črni vrh – 1543 m. On Pohorje you can enjoy in the beauty of few wonderful waterfalls. From all of them, the most impressive and beautiful is Šumik waterfall, placed deep in the forest of Pohorje.

Soča valley

Soca valley lies on the western side of Slovenia and it is with no doubt one of the Slovenia’s highlights. The Soča Valley region stretches from Triglav National Park to Nova Gorica. Threading through it is the magically aquamarine Soča River. Most people come here for the rafting, hiking and skiing though there are plenty of historical sights and locations, particularly relating to WWI, when millions of troops fought on the mountainous battlefront here. From below zero to +35°C. You can visit the valley through all seasons. White alpine peaks, colorful autumn tree leaves, summer refreshing by the riverside and rainbow like spring meadows.

There are also many other routes and other wine roads you can hike in Slovenia. For more information, you can visit the website of Slovenia’s Hike and Bike association or Slovenia’s tourist board.

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