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Useful hints before heading out to the hills in winter


Useful hints before heading out to the hills in winter

Winter is getting closer, so for all adventurers and enthusiasts who will head to the hills in upcoming winter, you should pay attention to a few things that may come in handy. The weather in the mountains in winter is very unpredictable and can change the most ordinary routes into something extremely dangerous.

Check the forecast

Before heading out, you should always check the weather forecast, so you will be safe for the forecasted conditions in the hills. Forecast information should be used to plan your trip, therefor if it is going to be windy, misty or cloudy, it is recommended to stay at lower altitudes or if the sun will shine, you should wear sun glasses and sun cream. If the mountain you are headed to is already covered with snow, you must not forget to check the avalanche forecast. Avoid slopes and other dangerous areas. If you are an inexperienced hiker, it is recommended to travel with someone who has experience and know the terrain you are headed to.


Take the right equipment

You have to make sure you take a few pairs of gloves. It is vital you do not get your hands cold and wet. You should pack at least two reserve pairs. No gloves are fully waterproof, so we recommend those who are warm and give you a good grip on your ice axe or hiking poles. Focus on getting your layers of clothing right, which means if you start the day cool, when ascending you will be comfortable, rather than hot and sweaty. This way you will regulate your temperature much harder and will cool down very fast. It is suggested you take a spare warm jacket, which should be synthetic, because regular feather jacket do not keep you warm if they get wet. Good item to have in your bag too are goggles. In harsh conditions, goggles mean you can still see and move around effectively.

Heading out

In the winter, when the daylight is shorter you should start your trip as sooner, so you make sure you will get back before it gets dark. If you are not sure when will you get back, it is essential that you take a head torch with spare batteries, so you won’t end up walking in the dark. During the hike, drink and eat regularly. Make sure you are well hydrated. When taking on snowy and icy environment, you should be familiar with how to use ice axe and crampons.


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