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Cavers are always discovering new caves and parts of cave systems and Postojna and the Postojna cave with Karst Research Institute – ZRC SAZU plays a big role

The image of  the most famous Slovenian ski resort with the Julian Alps in the background is in the heart of all Slovenian active skiers. Many people have

The area around Villach, with its perfectly accessible location, is one of the most attractive destinations in the wider region. Villach is an open minded city, especially well

The nearest international airport, Ljubljana Airport at Brnik is only 36 km away from Bled. Direct shuttle bus service and private transfers between the airport and Bled are organized

It's a widely known fact Ljubljana won the prestigous title of European Green Capital 2016. But perhaps you didn't know that Taste Ljubljana project, Terme Snovik Spa and

Moravske Toplice can be found in the middle of Pomurje region in the northeast of Slovenia and the heart of Europe. It is famous tourist resort with springs

  What to do in Bohinj and Triglav National Park Once you become a traveller, you start making selection of your favourite parts of every journey and a« must do«

Residents of Posočje are accustomed to alternating national flags, being at a windswept location at the crossroads of major empires and Slavic, Latin and Germanic worlds. When visiting

Every year, there are cases of people who get lost in the woods. And they don’t always do the right thing. Despite all your preparations, planning your route,